About this site

When I started collecting Star Wars on home video, I found that there were limited resources out there which referenced which releases were available in any given region.

Some of the best resources I relied on when starting my collection were

Nathan P Butlers - A Saga on Home Video web series on YouTube

both of which are great but as the "Star Wars on Video" site is now outdated and Nathan's book and web series mainly focuses on the USA releases I decided to build a site to catalogue and reference Star Wars home video releases from throughout the globe.

This site is aimed to collect as much information about the home videos released in as many regions as possible to help future Star Wars Home Video Collectors.

I am a complete novice when it comes to this and I am trying to piece together the information as I go  so I may have some inaccurate information, if you see something please let me know. Im working hard to add content at the moment but hope to pack more detail in once Ive caught up with all my titles.

The site is a working progress and was started on the 24th of May 2018 in conjunction with Solo - A Star Wars Story's cinema release.

It is a labour of passion and will be updated only when I have available time. I intend on using my collection to draw up the initial information for the site and then rely on others from other countries outside the UK to help gather information about the Star Wars releases in their respective areas.

If you are a Star Wars home video collector and would like to contribute or just say hi, feel free to drop me an email at starwarscollectoruk@gmail.com

There is no intention of copyright infringement on this site and all images are owed by their respective copyright holders. This is a fan site dedicated to aiding research only.